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    I’m Todd Christiansen, and for the last 30 years it has been a dream of mine to create a men’s clothing brand. Finally, after over 25 years of professional clothing experience and with the help of my wife and son, I made that dream happen.

    Since opening Journeyman Co. in 2018, my goal has been to provide you with the highest quality products in timeless men’s fashion.

    While I’ve lived in San Francisco, spent a lot of time working in New York, and traveled most of the world, I’ve always considered Wisconsin my home. And throughout this time, I’ve learned that finding clothes that work for you and still look good in these harsh Wisconsin seasons can be a daunting task. Living in the Wisconsin River Valley you can deal with anything from the occasional 50-degree temperature swing, hellacious -30 wind chills, or one of those 95-degree days where you constantly tell yourself “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” No matter what you're facing looking good and staying comfortable in these environments is a frustrating balancing act for all Midwesterners.

    You should be able to take your style anywhere, any time and feel good about it. Your clothes shouldn’t fade or go out of style in six months. Fast, cheap fashion just isn’t my thing. Quality over quantity means something to me, and I’m sure it means something to you too. Your wardrobe shouldn’t have an expiration date. That’s why I take the time to handpick premium, top-stitch products that you can wear anywhere at any time. And like you, these products have stories. They weren’t made from the cheapest available materials and mass produced for the latest trend. These products have withstood the test of time and have a rich history of offering the best in men’s fashion. It’s time the quality of your clothes meets the quality of your life. Whether you’re exploring the great Wisconsin outdoors, drinking whiskey on the back porch, working at the office, or taking on the city, these clothes are for you, the journeyman.

    What will you be taking on your next journey?


    Todd Christiansen