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    It’s been seven years since Outerknown sold their first item of clothing, and they couldn’t be more proud of what they have built and accomplished. They haven’t figured it all out, but continue to learn every day.

    Outerknown always give back to non-profits that align with their values and help make a larger impact. Some organizations Outerknown has worked with include Brother Benno, The Ocean Cleanup, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Maui Chapter, Surfrider Foundation, and Everytown.

    Their preferred fiber usage improved from 87% to 95% in 2022. The materials they use are vital to designing responsible products. They have a fiber policy and scorecard that has helped them navigate which fibers they consider to be preferred based on criteria for sustainability and circularity potential. This is why they work to increase the amount of preferred fibers (such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton, responsible wool, etc.) in their products.

    Every piece of clothing has a story. They’re making sure that at every stage of their journey, their clothes and the people making them are treated with respect, and in turn, respect the world around them.